Waid & Mora's Shazam! Aims to Bring Impulse-like Fun Back to the DCU

Writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora hope to convey a way of pleasure to the adventures of Billy Batson paying homage to Flash Family member Impulse when taking on Shazam! for DC.

Speaking with CBR in an unique interview about Lazarus Planet, Waid mentioned of the brand new Shazam! collection, “All we can tell you is that it will be FUN. While playing in the sandbox that Geoff Johns established, I still want to bring more of an Impulse tone than a straight-up superhero tone. It will be a comedy adventure with equal measures of both. [That] doesn’t mean it’s a ‘laugh a minute’ book, but it does have a lighter tone that will — like with a lot of my work — suddenly surprise you with a dark moment, something that will keep you off-balance so that you understand it’s not just all light and funny all the time. But it should be a fun book.”

Impulse Vibes And Future Plans

Impulse, often known as Bart Allen, was created by Waid and Mike Wieringo because the grandson of Barry Allen from the longer term. He first appeared in 1994’s The Flash #91 and rapidly grew to become a well-liked member of DC’s teen roster, showing in Young Justice alongside Tim Drake and Conner Kent. Impulse would go on to function Kid Flash and even took the scarlet mantle of the Flash himself for a short stint from 2006 to 2009.

Waid added that his tackle Shazam — which is a part of DC’s 2023 “Dawn of DC” initiative and arrives in June — would happen within the aftermath of the currdent DC comics mega-event, Lazarus Planet, and Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods. Despite these connections, it could nonetheless be accessible to readers unfamiliar with these books. “[Lazarus Planet] changes the way that magic works in the DC Universe,” Waid mentioned. “It doesn’t impact Shazam’s powers directly, but it does impact at least one of the other Shazam Family characters in a very profound way.”

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