Vinland Saga: Thors Was Overly Idealistic About Becoming a 'True Warrior'

Vinland Saga makes for a rare examine of points revolving across the matters of peace and battle. The nature of violence and battle decision are recurring themes which are echoed all through the collection starting with Thors’ beliefs of what a ‘true warrior’ is. According to Thors a ‘true warrior’ would not want a sword. In different phrases, a real warrior is somebody who is ready to resolve battle and settle disputes by means of different means than violence.

However, in a world of violence, conflict, and fixed pillaging — is acquiring peace and concord and defending family members with out violent battle reasonable? Vinland Saga challenges Thors’ notion in some ways corresponding to Thors himself attempting to resolve battle by diplomatic means, Canute’s introduction as a pacifist ultimately turning right into a militarist, and the quite a few depictions of unprotected villages and harmless villagers casually being decimated and conquered by Vikings.

Thors believes a real warrior is somebody who can finish battle with out using violence. This is achievable in some ways, corresponding to diplomacy, negotiation and crafty. In the primary episode of Vinland Saga, Leif tells the story of how he met Natives in Vinland, and though they each could not perceive one another’s languages they settled their variations upon assembly and have become associates. Leif then was honored by the Natives with a headdress that solely true warriors are allowed to put on. Leif is the primary instance within the collection of battle decision, with out using violence, being completely attainable.

Persuasion and affect are different technique of resolving disputes with out resorting to violence. This is seen with Canute’s brave and vocal stand towards the enraged Bjorn and proving to Thorkell that he is robust in different methods than violence. The lack of affection and the presence of discrimination was additionally fantastically explored with Canute and the priest Willibald, as being one of many attainable the explanation why their world stays to be in fixed violence and conflict.

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