Venom's Eddie Brock is Marvel's New Spider-Man

Eddie Brock is a brand-new Spider-Man in Marvel’s upcoming Extreme Venomverse sequence.

Honoring the thirty fifth anniversay of Venom, Extreme Venomverse is five-issue restricted sequence taking readers to some brand-new corners of the Marvel multiverse. Similar to 2022’s Edge of Spider-Verse restricted sequence, Extreme Venomverse will introduce quite a lot of Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, variants in every difficulty, together with some brand-new and altogether terrifying incarnations of Venom. Debuting within the first difficulty is an Eddie Brock who can also be Spider-Man in a narrative from Ryan North and Paulo Siqueira. Extreme Venomverse #1 additionally includes a story from Mirka Andolfo about all the Brock household in addition to an entry from Leonardo Romero that depicts Venom as a samurai.

Extreme Venomverse Is Leading to a Major Symbiote Event

Announced at New York Comic-Con, Marvel will launch “Summer of Symbiotes” in 2023. The writer beforehand teased of the occasion, “Sun’s out, tongue’s out! Spinning out of titles like Venom, Carnage, and Red Goblin comes a slew of new symbiotic stories. Get ready for the return of old faces, the debut of new symbiote heroes, and exciting shifts for iconic symbiote stars. It’s a season of symbiote insanity!”

On Jan. 18, 2023, Marvel unveiled a teaser that includes promotional art work by Gerardo Sandoval for a brand new “Death of Venomverse” improvement. While particulars are being stored below wraps at the moment, the writer teased, “This summer…The Death of the Venomverse!” with extra info to observe. The writer additionally revealed Extreme Venomverse is about earlier than the “Death of Venomverse” epic begins.

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