Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Delivers Masterful Comedy in Episode 2

Split into two chapters, Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Episode 2 might need exceeded the viewers’s expectations with a well-crafted, humorous storyline and glorious comedic moments. Dealing with fairly delicate points — resembling sexual harassment — with surprising care, the anime proceeded with Tomo’s combat for Jun’s consideration, in addition to introducing a brand new character who shifted the story dynamics.

More than anything, nevertheless, the anime proved that what appeared to be hidden potential for comedy in Episode 1 may truly be become correct humor. Attention to element and nice use of enhancing have turned a run-of-the-mill slice-of-life anime into an truly enjoyable watch — Tomo-chan’s characters have quirky personalities that fantastically lend themselves to chaos and comedy.

Arguably the funniest character in Tomo-chan, Misuzu actually got here to life in Episode 2. While she got here throughout extra irritating and scheming than anything within the premiere, her deadpan solutions and detached reactions within the newest episode supplied correct laugh-out-loud moments. A first-rate instance got here when she crushed all of Tomo’s hopes that Jun may see her as a woman with a superbly delivered, “I’m sorry. That was an irresponsible thing to say.”

The newly launched Carol, a reasonably woman with a troublesome persona and a spiky edge to her, additionally has lots to supply. Usually behaving like a child, she has no regard for social cues and easily goes for what she desires. After seeing Tomo together with her betrothed Misaki — who clearly has a crush on her — Carol begins calling her ‘baka [stupid]’ at every turn, making Tomo’s life depressing and permitting Misuzu to reiterate how little Tomo is aware of about ladies. In one other good second, Carol pops out of Jun’s locker to ask for assist in defeating Tomo, who’s briefly her enemy.

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