Thor’s Baby Sister Is About to Take Control of Mjolnir

Thor’s sister is about to wield Mjolnir, simply not the sister that followers may anticipate.

Revealed by the April 2023 solicitations for Marvel Comics, artist Nic Klein’s primary cowl paintings for Thor #33 reveals the God of Thunder overwhelmed down with two figures standing over him: Doctor Doom and what seems to be an Asgardian lady. Wearing purple armor and with pink hair, the girl is seen holding Thor’s hammer excessive above her head, lightning crackling out of it. After studying Thor #29, readers could acknowledge that that is truly an grownup model of Laussa Odinsdottir, Thor’s child sister that was created by author Kieron Gillen and artist Phil Jimenez in 2014’s Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1.

THOR #33

As of Thor #29, Laussa continues to be a toddler whereas Thor’s different sister, Angela, is a grown grownup. Angela has beforehand been seen within the newest Thor collection searching alongside her and Thor’s mom, Freyja. It is definitely Angela and the Angels of Heven who reforge Mjolnir after Thor was compelled to destroy it throughout the “God of Hammers” arc, resulting from it being corrupted by the spirit of the Mangog. Despite Angela’s newer connection to the weapon, Laussa bears the hammer in Thor #33, and she or he is presently a spotlight of the two-part “The Legacy of Thanos” arc.

Stretching throughout Thor #29 and Thor #30, “The Legacy of Thanos” sees the Black Order’s Corvus Glaive kidnap the younger Laussa to amass the mysterious “Black Infinity Stone.” Corvus takes Laussa to a forbidden a part of Niffleheim, the positioning of an awesome Asgardian battle that occurred underneath the rule of Thor’s grandfather, King Bor. There, whereas wanting right into a mystical mirror, Laussa sees herself as an grownup, wanting precisely like the girl on the quilt of Thor #33.

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