The Winchesters: What We Want to See in the Rest of Season 1

Warning: Spoilers for The Winchesters Season OneSince The Winchesters premiered in October 2022, and far to the delight of Supernatural followers, the primary episodes of the present’s inaugural season have managed to fill the void left behind by the unique present. While the prequel doesn’t characteristic the monster-hunting brother duo of its predecessor, it undoubtedly channels the identical tone and magnificence of the unique because it follows Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) and John Winchester (Drake Rodger), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) mother and father.

Returning residence after the warfare, John bumps into Mary outdoors the city’s movie show, however nothing extra comes out of their preliminary encounter. Only after they cross paths for a second time, whereas they each pursue data concerning their fathers, does the present start to unfold. Mary’s dad, Samuel Campbell (Tom Welling), is lacking after happening a hunt by himself, whereas John receives a posthumous letter from his father main him to a clubhouse for the Men of Letters. Subsequently, they rapidly uncover a menace to all existence within the type of the Akrida, an otherworldly species of monster who’ve tried to take over the world previously and are again at it once more.

One of the largest plot holes because of The Winchesters is how the prequel itself may even happen given what followers already find out about John Winchester and his function in Supernatural. Audiences of the unique present will keep in mind that Mary’s loss of life was the catalyst for a way brothers Sam and Dean change into hunters within the first place. John was initially in the dead of night about all the things monster associated, so his involvement within the Scooby Doo-like gang within the prequel raises some critical crimson flags.

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During the later seasons of Supernatural, viewers found that Mary got here from an extended line of hunters and John was actually a legacy of the Men of Letters. However, he was by no means concerned within the fraternity as a result of he was unaware of its existence in addition to the underground world of monster looking. As far as Sam and Dean knew, their father started his days of looking following the loss of life of their mom, which inherently makes the prequel problematic.

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