The Rig's Fog & Ash Explained

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for The Rig season 1The mysterious fog and ash are key to the environmental plot of Prime Video’s new sci-fi thriller collection The Rig, and this is how each components work collectively. Created by Scottish novelist and screenwriter David MacPherson, The Rig facilities across the remoted crew of Kinloch Bravo, an oil rig within the North Sea. When a thick fog descends round them, chopping off radio, TV, and web alerts, they need to remedy the thriller of the unusual impact the fog is having on members of the crew, and what it means for the way forward for humanity.

Led by Iain Glen, who performed Jorah in Game of Thrones, The Rig has a powerful forged of British and Canadian actors, together with Martin Compston (Line of Duty) and Calvin Demba (Kingsman: The Golden Circle). This expert forged of actors vividly brings the claustrophobia and paranoia of Kinloch Bravo’s state of affairs to life. That state of affairs begins with the descent of the fog, and this is every little thing that audiences must know concerning the fog and ash in The Rig.

It’s revealed within the closing episodes of The Rig season 1 that the fog emerged when one other rig on the identical oil area, Kinloch Charlie, started experiments on the ocean mattress. Working on the behest of the mysterious David Coake (Mark Addy, Robert of Game of Throne‘s House Baratheon) the crew of the rig was making an attempt to exterminate a mysterious life kind that was threatening the oil firm’s earnings. In response, one thing was woken up by the drilling, destroying Kinloch Charlie, and bringing forth the fog that cuts Kinloch Bravo off from the mainland.

Toward the top of The Rig season 1, episode 1, the crew watch as ash begins to fall from the fog onto the oil platform. The fog acts as a dispersal technique for the ash to unfold throughout the oil mattress, permitting it to work together with these on Kinloch Bravo. The ash incorporates spores that join again to the traditional life kind on the ocean mattress.

The falling ash spreads spores that infect their hosts, forming a psychic connection between the human host and the traditional life varieties, dubbed The Ancestors by Rose (Schitt’s Creek‘s Emily Hampshire). The spores are unfold by bodily contact with the host physique, corresponding to when Leck (Emun Elliott) turns into coated in falling ash whereas making an attempt to speak with the restoration vessel from the platform. Previously, after falling from a ladder, a inclined Baz (Calvin Demba) is uncovered to the ash throughout the fog, resulting in him turning into the principle spokesperson for the Ancestors.

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