The Mystery of Batman’s ‘Death’ Is Explored in This Week’s DC Releases

The new releases from DC Comics are set to reply one query: what has occurred to Batman?

Batman author Chip Zdarksy’s second arc for the collection begins on Tuesday with the discharge of Batman #131, illustrated by Mike Hawthorne whereas collection artist Jorge Jiménez is on a break. The prior problem concluded the “Failsafe” arc by which the Dark Knight was hunted by a robotic of his personal design, additionally known as Failsafe. The last battle between the 2 ended with Failsafe blasting Batman with a laser gun and leaving nothing behind however a smoking crater, however as a substitute of being disintegrated, the hero’s physique seems to have been transported elsewhere. Readers must dive into Batman #131 to search out out the place precisely Batman has wound up following his “death.”

While one Batman arc begins, two miniseries associated to the Caped Crusader and Gotham City are wrapping — Batman: Knightwatch and Sword of Azrael. Knightwatch is a five-issue miniseries written by Joseph Torres and drawn by Marcelo Di Chiara, and stars completely different members of the Bat-Family alongside Batman himself. As for Sword of Azrael by author Dan Watters and artist Nikola Cizmesija, this six-issue miniseries has picked up after Batman: Urban Legends‘ “Dark Knight of the Soul” story and pit Jean-Paul Valley, AKA Azrael, towards the Knights Templar and their strategies of turning others into Angels, their brainwashed warriors.

As for different DC points out, it’s a lighter, Batman-centric week of recent releases. Also on sale are new points for titles like Gotham City: Year One, The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing and Poison Ivy, the outlier being DC’s medieval Dark Knights of Steel restricted collection. The full listing of releases will be discovered alphabetically beneath, covers and solicitations included.

All of those points go on sale Jan. 3 from DC Comics.

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