Teen Titan's Starfire Shows Off Her Dazzling New Costume

Starfire reveals off a blinding outfit in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3 that is notably extra modest than the Tamarian warrior princess’ common put on.

“Graduation Day: Chapter Three,” written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Adrián Gutiérrez, sees Starfire and Jamie Reyes taking to the skies above Palmera City. The pair interact in a heart-to-heart concerning the nature of Reyes’ powers and his newest enemy, the intergalactic conquerors generally known as the Reach. Later within the story, Starfire and Jamie go up in opposition to Nitida, a brand new villain.

Starfire’s Costume History

Throughout the problem, Starfire wears her newest costume, which was totally revealed in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #2. A far cry from her extra revealing outfits, Starfire’s new look maintains her conventional purple and inexperienced coloration scheme however options armored sleeves, bracelets, a tunic and pants that fully cowl her legs. Aside from the occasional Tamaran battlesuit that Starfire has briefly donned previously, the costume is essentially the most covered-up that Princess Koriand’r has ever been.

Starfire initially debuted in 1980’s DC Comics Presents #26 earlier than turning into a daily member of the Teen Titans collection of the ’80s. Aside from her intergalactic backstory, photo voltaic powers and on-and-off romance with Nightwing, Starfire has typically been recognized for her revealing outfits, together with a debut costume that was barely greater than a swimsuit. Starfire’s redesign in DC’s New 52 reboot of 2011 made the swimsuit even skimpier, and it wasn’t till her self-titled collection in 2015 that Starfire donned a considerably extra modest go well with composed of a sleeved high and scorching pants. Her more moderen appearances in Teen Titans Academy and Nightwing have seen her carrying a purple leotard.

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