Star Wars Makes Andor's Surprise KOTOR Easter Egg An Even Bigger Deal

This article incorporates spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2, episode 5.Star Wars appears more and more within the historical past of the galaxy, with notable Easter eggs in Andor and Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Viewers have at all times been fascinated by the historical past of the Star Wars galaxy. The first movie dropped so many hints – references to the Clone Wars, an order of Jedi Knights who had protected the Old Republic for a thousand generations. It’s no coincidence George Lucas informed the prequel trilogy fairly than the sequels; he had the previous deliberate out to a larger diploma, though naturally a few of his plans modified throughout manufacturing.

The Andor Disney+ TV collection supplied viewers an unusually deep glimpse into galactic historical past. It did so via the character of Luthen Rael, a number one determine within the Rebel Alliance who ran an antiques store. First seen in Andor episode 4, Luthen’s store was stuffed with Easter eggs – references to the traditional historical past of the Sith, the Mandalorians, and completely different cultures and societies from throughout the galaxy. But Luthen’s most fascinating Easter egg got here when he introduced a kyber crystal to Cassian Andor as one thing of a downpayment; Luthen revealled it had ties to the Rakatan invasion, an occasion from the outdated Expanded Universe that had taken place in the course of the dawning days of the Jedi Order. Now, that shocking Knights of the Old Republic Easter egg appears to be changing into much more essential.

Star Wars appears to be changing into more and more within the historical historical past of the galaxy. The sample appears to have been set by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which launched an historical Jedi Temple on the distant planet Ahch-To – apparently the primary Jedi Temple. It contained a mural devoted to the Prime Jedi, the one who based the order, and it hinted the primary Jedi didn’t serve the sunshine aspect. The Prime Jedi was depicted as a being of stability firstly; the sunshine within the darkness, and the darkness within the mild. Since then, this impression of the early Jedi has been strengthened in different media via nods to historical Jedi mantras and prophecies, all of which shared a really completely different Force philosophy to the Jedi.

Star Wars comics have continued to discover the galaxy’s historical past, notably via ongoing collection starring a corrupt archeologist named Doctor Aphra. Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2, episode 5 follows in Doctor Aphra’s footsteps; the whole episode is dedicated to a quest to get well a misplaced treasure that apparently predates even the Jedi Order. The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett each launched Force vergences related to the earliest Jedi within the outdated Expanded Universe, with Luke Skywalker constructing his personal Jedi Temple on Ossus. The pleasant Rakata Easter egg in Andor must be positioned on this particular context.

The historical historical past of the galaxy stays one thing of a thriller, even now. According to the Star Wars: Force & Destiny sourcebook Nexus of Power, most of the outdated Expanded Universe tales – together with the Dawn of the Jedi comics and the Jedi Vs. Sith collection – are literally in-universe legends. There is a grain of reality in each legend, explaining why so many Easter eggs and references are making their approach into the present lore. But the imprecise nature of those references makes it very troublesome to say for certain what the galaxy was like earlier than the Jedi.

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