Star Wars Is Turning Dooku Into A Rebellion Hero

This article comprises spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 3.In a shocking twist, Star Wars: The Bad Batch has advised Count Dooku grew to become one thing of a hero to the revolt throughout the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. Palpatine started seducing Dooku to the darkish facet nicely over a decade earlier than the start of the Clone Wars, and will even have pushed the Jedi Master to go away the Jedi Order. Dooku claimed his ancestral throne on the planet Serenno, a world that had typically traditionally been an necessary chief among the many planets of the Outer Rim. He used that place to turn out to be chief of a bunch generally known as the Separatists.

The Separatists started as a political motion, however the Sith at all times deliberate to make use of them to incite warfare throughout the galaxy. The Clone Wars had been the last word Jedi lure, engineered to attract the Jedi away from Coruscant and kill them on battlefields removed from the Galactic Core. Jedi are ill-suited to warfare; warfare is of course aggressive, and an excellent soldier is one who wishes dominance, however each these traits are of the darkish facet. Palpatine introduced the Clone Wars to an finish when he invoked Order 66, and few Jedi retained a powerful sufficient connection to the sunshine to sense the upcoming betrayal. Dooku had already been slain, killed by Anakin Skywalker as a part of his personal flip to the darkish facet, and the Separatist leaders had been quickly slaughtered as nicely. When the mud settled from the Clone Wars, solely Palpatine had really received.

Surprisingly, although, Star Wars is revealing Dooku was nonetheless revered by Separatists after the Clone Wars had ended. It’s necessary to recollect few knew of Dooku’s fall to the darkish facet, with many believing he was merely a former Jedi who believed the Republic was turning into more and more authoritarian. From this attitude, the top of the Clone Wars appeared to verify all the pieces Dooku had been educating. He was confirmed proper in regards to the Jedi, who initially led the Republic military earlier than turning on Chancellor Palpatine. And he was proper about Palpatine, who – whether or not motivated by concern of the Jedi or just lust for energy – had reworked the Republic into an Empire. Every instance of Imperial overreach merely bolstered Dooku’s case; to paraphrase Princess Leia, the tighter the Empire squeezed the galaxy, the extra affordable Dooku’s arguments grew to become.

It’s necessary to recollect the motion that may turn out to be the early Rebel Alliance was not really born within the Galactic Core. It was born within the Outer Rim, the place Separatist convictions remained sturdy. The most dedicated beings tended to be non-humans, victims of the Empire’s prejudice, and plenty of of their races had been aligned with the Separatists throughout the Clone Wars. There’s a wierd sense during which Palpatine’s Clone Wars created the required situations for the Rebel Alliance – and Dooku’s message was a large a part of that.

All that is giving Dooku a really shocking legacy. He is the Sith Lord who championed those that would turn out to be the Sith’s sworn enemies, and even gave voice to their passions. Since their origins, the Sith have been fascinated with visions of the long run; Palpatine himself liked to assert all the pieces had occurred as he had foreseen. But he might by no means have anticipated the Separatist motion turning into the seed of the Rebellion, nor his apprentice having an sudden legacy that may finally destroy the Empire. Star Wars: The Bad Batch actually has given Dooku a way more advanced,refined position within the galaxy’s historical past.

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