Shootouts and a Return to the Start

The gripping Korean spinoff of Money Heist, the cult Spanish drama, makes a heart-pounding return with its extremely anticipated second half, which is out on Netflix at this time, December 9.

Led by the masterful Professor (performed by Jitae Yu, additionally spelled Yoo Ji-tae, recognized from the Oldboy movie by acclaimed Korean director Park Chan-wook) and his gang (who’re every named after a metropolis), a grand theft and hostage disaster unravels at a Korean mint in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

Part 2 of the newest Netflix Okay-drama sees an action-packed, emotional story of explosive shootouts, intense suspicion and timeless loyalty unfold in a sequence of surprising plot twists, because the heist gang and police go head-to-head in a last showdown.

The Professor’s excellent crime reaches its climax, with the tables having been turned. His plan for the gang to be seen as “political criminals” and present “who the real bandits are” by exposing the corrupt powers that be sees the heist members go from robbers to revolutionaries within the public eye.

The Professor in "Money Heist Korea".
The Professor (on the left, performed by Jitae Yu) and Captain Cha Moo-hyuk (performed by Kim Sung-oh) of the North Korean police process pressure seen in Part 2 of “Money Heist: Korea.”

Speaking to Newsweek from Seoul, the South Korean capital, forward of the present’s launch, requested whether or not the Professor is a hero or a villain, Yu mentioned: “I think it depends on the era and setting. He [the Professor] is in a coup d’état setting, so whether he’s accepted as a hero or a villain depends on the times. Depending on which direction the public swings towards, the Professor’s role changes.”

The present’s political premise of creating an “economic cooperation” between North and South Korea boils to the floor even additional in Part 2, bringing the guts of the sequence again to what makes this a really Korean story, set in opposition to the fictional backdrop of a soon-to-be-reunified Korean peninsula.

A brand new recurring theme tune launched within the second a part of the sequence additionally captures “the Korean sense of democracy and freedom” within the present, Yu instructed Newsweek.

The outdated Korean tune, whose title interprets to “To the Land of Happiness,” involves signify a rally cry for the workforce and most people all through the second a part of the sequence.

What Happened on the End of Money Heist: Korea Part 2?

The pulsating last episode of the sequence sees the Professor reunite with the remaining members of his workforce on the underground escape tunnel they’d been diligently digging from contained in the vault since getting into the mint.

His cowl has been blown to his lover Woo-jin, the negotiator of the South Korean police process pressure (performed by Kim Yun-jin from the Lost tv sequence) and the authorities observe down the doorway of the tunnel and try to infiltrate it after a lot of the workforce had already escaped the mint.

While attempting to assemble himself from the lack of his brother Berlin (performed by Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award nominee Park Hae-soo from the Squid Game sequence)—who was believed to have died after trying to dam the police from getting into the tunnel—and the police nonetheless scorching on their path, the Professor resorts to “the only thing we can try right now,” to avoid wasting the remainder of his gang.

He methods the police to suppose bombs have been set to go off in a public sq., the place plenty are protesting the corrupt politicians behind a deliberate summit between North and South Korea. But as an alternative, a sequence of piggy bank-shaped balloons crammed with money value a billion {dollars} is scattered and burst open over the sq..

Mayhem ensues as swarms of individuals make a touch for the payments raining down over the sq.. The ensuing chaos buys time for the heist workforce to make a getaway and “vanish into thin air” with the cash they printed on the mint.

Rio seen in "Money Heist Korea."
Rio (performed by Lee Hyun-woo) seen in Part 2 of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” on Netflix.

As protesters carrying the identical pink jumpsuits and masks because the heist workforce march alongside the streets, shockingly Berlin and Seoul (performed by Lim Ji-yeon)—who was additionally believed to have died after attempting to avoid wasting Berlin within the tunnel and igniting a bomb to shut off the doorway—emerge from a pothole on the bottom. The pair quietly disappear among the many crowds, carrying two discarded masks they discover whereas strolling together with the protesters.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin comes to comprehend the place the Professor has escaped to along with his workforce, after recalling an extended practice journey he as soon as mentioned he needed to do along with her that might culminate in Kherson, a port metropolis in Ukraine.

She manages to achieve the practice earlier than it departs and confronts the Professor. Furiously pointing a gun at him however unable to drag the set off—simply as he finally could not kill her throughout an earlier confrontation on the workforce’s hideout—Woo-jin is left paralyzed by emotion earlier than the Professor hops onto the practice and fades away into the space.

The sequence ends with a return to the beginning—a well-recognized but new starting—within the last scene. A 12 months after the grand heist and getaway, Woo-jin ultimately travels to Kherson, led there in a second of reminiscing in regards to the previous.

While admiring lakeside views from a scenic vantage level within the metropolis, Woo-jin asks a stranger the place there could also be a restaurant within the space for a espresso. As she realizes that he does not communicate English and begins to stroll away, one other voice close by says: “Actually there is one that just opened up nearby. The coffee there is excellent. Would you like to have a cup of coffee?”

Looking as much as face the person speaking, Woo-jin is surprised to see the Professor standing earlier than her. Two months earlier than the grand heist passed off, below a guise of coincidence on the time, the Professor invited Woo-jin to go have espresso with him at his cafe close by after he “accidentally” bumps her automobile from the rear.

Helsinki and Nairobi in "Money Heist: Korea".
Helsinki (on the left, performed by Kim Ji-hun) and Nairobi (performed by Jang Yoon-ju) seen in Part 2 of “Money Heist: Korea” on Netflix

Back in Kherson, as Woo-jin tells the Professor that he has a “unique way of gaining customers,” simply as she’d mentioned throughout their first-ever encounter, noting: “I wonder what you might have up your sleeve this time.”

He then replies: “Actually, I do have a great plan in mind. Do you want to hear it?”

As the digicam closes in on the Professor’s hypnotic gaze, he says: “This will go down in history as a revolutionary crime,” which he had mentioned beforehand in regards to the heist on the mint, earlier than the scene fades out.

Was it all the time part of the Professor’s grasp plan to get Woo-jin to search out him in Kherson? What is his subsequent large plan? Where are the remainder of the heist workforce now and can Woo-jin turn into their latest member?

Hopefully these, and several other extra burning questions, shall be answered in a second season of the Korean spin-off of Money Heist.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is out there to stream on Netflix now.

Seoul character in "Money Heist Korea" series
The Seoul character (performed by Lim Ji-yeon) of the heist workforce, seen in Part 2 of the Korean remake of “Money Heist” on Netflix.

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