She-Hulk Gets a New Arch-Enemy to Celebrate a Major Milestone

Jennifer Walters faces a brand-new villain in She-Hulk‘s a hundred and seventy fifth legacy situation.

Marvel has launched new particulars and Jen Bartel’s important cowl art work for She-Hulk #12, which will probably be a double-sized situation by author Rainbow Rowell and artist Andrés Genolet, with numerous different unannounced creators contributing bonus tales for the anniversary. The important story will give She-Hulk a brand new arch-nemesis known as the Scoundrel, who in response to Rowell, “Is an adversary tailor-made for Jennifer Walters.” The author continued, “A lot of things come easily for Jen. Nothing about the Scoundrel is easy.”


Ahead of the character’s live-action debut in Disney+’s She-Hulk present, the most recent She-Hulk comedian run launched in Jan. 2022 with Rowell connected as author and Rogê Antônio as artist, however following She-Hulk #2, the title has featured inside art work by Luca Maresca and later Takeshi Miyazawa. The sequence picks up after the character’s basic look restoration in The Avengers #50, prompting her to return to being an legal professional and work for her former rival, Mallory Book. However, whereas making an attempt to get again to regular life, a powerless Jack of Hearts returns and seeks out She-Hulk for assist, and the 2 develop a romance as time wears on.

Rowell mentioned the legacy situation and the sequence’ purpose, saying, “Every issue that I get to write She-Hulk is a delight — but I’m especially honored to escort her to her 175th issue. One of the things we’ve focused on is building up Jen’s narrative support structure… Giving her friends, colleagues, a love interest, and her very own antagonists.” Prior to the Scoundrel, two of those antagonists have been April and Mark Booth, who debuted in She-Hulk #4 and tried to turn into good Hulks like Jen through the use of gamma radiation. Their experiment had disastrous unwanted side effects, so that they devised a plot to steal Jack of Heart’s Zero Energy and drain Jen of her personal gamma radiation.

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