Scarlet Witch Cast a Disturbing Spell on Her Brother, Quicksilver

Scarlet Witch #1 reveals that Wanda Maximoff enchanted her brother Quicksilver years in the past so she will be able to all the time see what he is actually considering.

Wanda calls the spell an “astral snapshot,” and says that it helps when studying her brother’s thoughts and observing the telltale indicators he makes and simply as rapidly masks. “A millisecond of truth before you make the face you want people to see,” Wanda says, describing the enchantment as her brother seems to be on in shock.

Mind Games Between Siblings

While it might sound invasive to solid spells on a member of the family, Wanda’s enchantment is useful in Scarlet Witch #1 for gauging Quicksilver’s true response to her latest enterprise enterprise — a store named Emporium that sells magical items and likewise offers a portal known as the Lost Door, accessible solely to individuals in dire want. Run by Wanda and her assistant Darcy Lewis, the store is supposed to supply a serving to hand to determined souls. It additionally offers Scarlet Witch with a contemporary begin after years of Marvel occasions which have centered on her trauma — notably her tragic relationship with Vision and ties to Magneto. Quicksilver initially brushes off his sister’s work, however deep down, he is impressed — although he hides his true feelings with sarcasm, muttering, “So nice to see your new venture! Quite the flophouse full of toothless trinkets you’ve built.”

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Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver first debuted in 1964’s X-Men #4 as reluctant members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They quickly joined the Avengers, grew to become established heroes and, regardless of some ups and downs of their relationship, developed into one of many best-known sibling duos in Marvel’s roster. In Marvel’s alternate Ultimate Universe, the pair even shared an incestuous relationship that courted its justifiable share of controversy when it debuted within the early 2000s.

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