Sasuke's Story Teases Naruto's Sickness Is Tied to a Chakra Upgrade

One of probably the most attention-grabbing features of the Boruto period is how followers are nonetheless studying concerning the senior shinobi from the Naruto interval, resembling Kiba. These sub-arcs assist to fill in blanks because the franchise had a fast time-jump as soon as Kaguya was overwhelmed, marrying off Sasuke to Sakura and having Naruto put in because the Hokage of Konoha. It was a bit rushed, so studying extra concerning the misplaced years does assist by way of character growth.

Interestingly, there are additionally spinoff tales that element different journeys these heroes launched into, with Naruto: Sasuke’s Story — The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust diving into Naruto’s mysterious illness. Here, Sasuke has traveled to the moutainous area Redaku to discover a remedy, working with Sakura who’s undercover as a nurse. Shockingly, as Chapter 5 unfolds, hints are dropped that join the Hokage’s sickness to a sinister Uchiha battle that redefined the free shinobi world.

Sasuke’s investigation as he acts as an inside man inside this jail is coming off like a National Treasure story of their ninja realm. He and Sakura are reconciling information from Kakashi, revealing the Sage of the Six Paths suffered the same illness and truly handed by way of this space. It’s taken them to a e-book within the library with that tie Redaku again to Konoha, particularly by way of an astronomer named Tataru — somebody who helped the Sage.

They decided some cosmic mud used when a meteor fell is what they want, however as they attempt to find the place this mud is likely to be, Sasuke unlocks the reality behind the work within the e-book. He spots animals and indicators signifying the zodiac, that are decoded to signify the Tailed Beasts. The flames clued him in to at least one portray, affirming this picture as Kurama (the Nine Tails Demon Fox Naruto had inside). The trickiest was the pot of water, which is an octopus pot, representing the Eight Tails, and so forth. There’s even a reference to a golem rising out of the Earth, nodding to the Ten Tails Beast itself when it is shaped from the husk of the God Tree.

Sasuke confirms every Beast is tied to a month, and the remaining two drawings of figures are that of Tataru, and the Sage. Both are watching the evening sky, suggesting they’re scouring for the meteors and mud. Sasuke cannot consider it — the info was in entrance him all alongside, and as he deciphers the cryptic puzzle, it pays tribute as soon as extra to his genius again within the day. Kakashi liked this about him in Team 7, so it is endearing and nostalgic seeing Sasuke dredge up reminiscences of being a baby prodigy.

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