Renfield Trailer Reveals Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula

The first trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield reveals our first official have a look at Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula. Released courtesy of Universal Pictures, Renfield finds Cage as a really completely different model of the long-lasting vampire overlord, with The Menu and Mad Max: Fury Road star Nicholas Hoult starring because the titular Renfield, Dracula’s put-upon servant. You can take a look at the primary trailer for Renfield under.

Lesser-known literary character R. M. Renfield first appeared in Bram Stoker’s Gothic horror novel Dracula approach, approach again in 1897. The deranged and devoted servant and acquainted of Count Dracula, Renfield will drop the character and his boss in modern-day New Orleans, the place Renfield instantly finds a brand new lease on life after falling in love with Rebecca Quincy, a feisty however perennially aggressive visitors cop.

As for Dracula himself and Nicolas Cage’s extremely anticipated portrayal, the actor has revealed his inspiration behind the Count in Renfield. And a lot of it has come from “channeling my father, August Coppola who had a MidAtlantic accent, and he always spoke, ‘You know, Nicolas, let me explain something to you, Nicolas.’ And I never understood his accent.”

Cage additionally plans to merge all probably the most beloved portrayals of Dracula into one saying, “I thought that I could do something with my own enthusiasm about Bram Stoker’s book, as well as Christopher Lee’s performance in the Hammer films, as well as Langella’s performance, as well as Oldman’s performance, as well as Lugosi’s performance. I wanted to embrace elements of each of them, but also Orlok and Max Schreck; I wanted to get some of the German expressionism and body language in it.”

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