Power Rangers' New Red Ranger Explained (& Why It's Awesome)

Power Rangers’ new Red Ranger for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is a landmark for the saga and a primary for the 30-year-old franchise. As a number of the unique Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunite for Netflix’s Power Rangers: Once & Always thirtieth Anniversary Special, Power Rangers additionally continues with a brand new collection – Cosmic Fury. The new Power Rangers collection will work as a continuation of Power Rangers Dino Fury, besides that the Power Rangers will now go to area.

Between the Netflix Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion and the brand new Power Rangers collection Cosmic Fury, 2023 guarantees to be a game-changing yr for the franchise. The Once & Always first look and the Cosmic Fury fits have been revealed on the identical day, for instance. The way forward for the Power Rangers universe forward of Cosmic Fury and past is thrilling, particularly after the announcement of the brand new Red Ranger.

Amelia Jones, the present Pink Ranger for Dino Fury, shall beCosmic Fury’s Red Ranger. In different phrases, Amelia would be the first feminine Red Ranger for a full Power Rangers season. It’s vital to level out that there have been just a few feminine Red Rangers within the Power Rangers universe throughout each the exhibits and the comics, but all of them solely appeared briefly. For instance, Charlie, the evil Red Ranger from Power Rangers S.P.D., solely appeared in a small arc. The identical is true for Lauren, who briefly appeared in Power Rangers Samurai. However, Cosmic Fury would be the first time a Power Rangers crew could have a feminine Red Ranger for the entire season.

Amelia, performed by Hunter Deno, is likely one of the unique Dino Fury Power Rangers. Curiously, Amelia was the very first character audiences have been launched to in Power Rangers Dino Fury, and it was by means of her seek for the Dinohenge that the Dino Fury Power Rangers of Earth got here to be. While Zayto, the Red Ranger within the present Power Rangers TV present, is the chief of the crew, Amelia has all the time been form of a second in command. As such, it’s no shock that Amelia will now turn into the Cosmic Fury Red Ranger, Power Rangers’ first recurrent feminine Red Ranger, forward of the brand new Power Rangers TV present.

2023 celebrates Power Rangers’ thirtieth Anniversary, a landmark for a franchise that impacted a number of generations. It took 30 years for Power Rangers to have a recurrent feminine Red Ranger main a Power Rangers TV present, which is why Amelia’s new Ranger powers in Cosmic Fury are so vital. There is a mystique to the Red Ranger in each Power Rangers solid, one thing that encapsulates what makes Power Rangers so particular. There have been feminine Power Rangers leaders like Jen from Time Force and there have been one-time feminine Red Rangers like Lauren from Samurai, however Amelia main the Cosmic Fury Power Rangers because the Red Ranger is a primary.

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