Pokémon Fans Hit With Nostalgia as Misty Returns for Ash’s Last Episodes

The fan-favorite Pokémon character Misty lately returned to the anime after a very long time offscreen.

Fans on social media have been sharing a few of their favourite moments with Misty, in addition to clips from the newest episode, which launched in Japan on Jan. 20. After watching Ash lastly change into Pokémon Champion, Misty comes to go to. The two catch up after a very long time aside, and Misty even challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle.

The newest episode featured quite a few references to the unique 1997 anime. Some of the episode’s music included motifs from the primary season’s soundtrack. Misty’s Psyduck had some comedic moments, and Ash’s Pikachu runs to hug Misty at their reunion, uttering, “pikachu-pi”, which has at all times been the way it refers to Misty. It is meant to resemble “Kasumi,” which is Misty’s title in Japanese.

Ash and Misty have at all times had a dynamic the place they consistently bicker and tease one another. In the brand new episode, they get proper again into mocking one another. However, it is clear that Misty has come to respect Ash as a proficient, devoted Pokémon coach. Despite the playful rivalry, all through the reveals, the pair have been proven to have a strong friendship.

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