Pokémon: Did Dawn Need to Replace May?

The Pokémon anime began often changing Ash’s journey companions as soon as he entered the Hoenn area. First Misty was changed by May and Max, then they had been in flip changed by Dawn as soon as Ash went to the Sinnoh area. However, maybe it did not should be this fashion.

There’s a theoretical situation the place May stays on as Ash’s journey companion going into the Diamond and Pearl sequence. She may have simply been the one to take part in Sinnoh’s Contests as an alternative of Dawn. However, maybe there have been extra the reason why May wanted to get replaced that have to be accounted for.

It’s necessary to bear in mind simply why May was launched within the first place. She initially changed Misty in order that Ash would have somebody in his group who would take part in Pokémon Contests. Looking at issues like this, Dawn would not have to exchange May as a result of she shared the identical ardour.

Dawn was extra probably introduced in as a consultant for Sinnoh and the Diamond and Pearl sequence as an entire. After all, she is the protagonist of the video games the anime is known as after, in addition to Platinum. This is probably going what the present writers had been considering once they had her exchange May.

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