One of Batman's Biggest Enemy's Weapons Is All That's Keeping Bruce Wayne Alive

Lazarus Planet: Alpha begins with Batman immensely weakened and solely standing on his ft due to the Lazarus Resin — as soon as the best device in Ra’s al Ghul’s arsenal.

The supersized one-shot picks up proper after Batman vs. Robin #4, which confirmed the Devil Nezha corrupting Damian Wayne and forcing him to battle his father. After Batman managed to free his son from Nezha’s mind-control clutches with the helmet of Doctor Fate, he was killed by a lethal blast to the chest. Luckily, Black Alice siphoned off a portion of the Lazarus Resin granting Nezha his energy and transferred it to the Dark Knight’s physique. When Lazarus Planet: Alpha kicks off, Batman is on borrowed time — animated solely by the Lazarus in his system, but nonetheless involved with saving the world. Supergirl specifically feedback on the Caped Crusader’s sheer resilience, questioning if his “general Batman-ness” is all that is preserving him alive.

History Of The Lazarus Pits

Lazarus Resin comes from the Lazarus Pits, that are generally related to the worldwide eco-terrorist Ra’s al Ghul. The pits had been first launched in 1972’s Batman #243 as regenerative swimming pools hidden internationally. Thanks to their therapeutic energy, Ra’s managed to maintain himself immortal, although repeated publicity to the pits broken his thoughts and elevated his delusions of world dominance.

Despite their outstanding position within the Batman mythos, the Lazarus Pits remained largely mysterious till 2021’s Robin collection. There, Damian Wayne participated in a martial arts event on Lazarus Island — named for its volcanic connections to a very outstanding pit — and discovered that the pits had been created from an elixir that was used to resurrect Nezha hundreds of years in the past in historic China. Nezha’s reference to the pits signifies that their historical past goes far past Ra’s al Ghul, and solely Ra’s mom — the artful Mother Soul — appeared to pay attention to the true extent of their energy.

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