Nightwing Reveals the One Skill Batgirl Is Truly Terrible At

Revealed by Batman: Urban Legends, there’s one factor that Barbara Gordon is just not the perfect at: impressions.

A preview of Batman: Urban Legends #23 options some pages from the second half of the two-part story “The Director,” written and illustrated by Jamal Campbell. Nightwing/Dick Grayson continues to be reeling from crimes dedicated and filmed by the villain Director within the prior chapter, together with a information station bloodbath. To cheer Dick up and picture what late Bat-Family guardian Alfred Pennyworth may say, Barbara does her finest Alfred impression, and although she could also be a talented combatant and tech wiz as each Batgirl and Oracle, in line with Dick, her Alfred might use some work.


In the preview, Barbara clears her throat and says, “Well, you’re not going to find the answer by lying on the floor, Master Dick, so get that head up, eyes forward, and do what you need to do.” Dick reacts to Babs’ impression with, “Your Alfred is still horrendous,” however she factors out that he no less than understood it was speculated to be Alfred on the primary attempt. The second takes place in Blüdhaven’s Sanctuary Park, a locale that Dick funded and constructed a statue of Alfred inside throughout DC’s ongoing Nightwing sequence, written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Bruno Redondo.

Alfred has been lifeless in comics since he was murdered by Bane in Batman #77 (2019). The Bat-Family’s ranks have every reacted otherwise to his loss of life all through the Infinite Frontier period of DC Comics, however for Dick, he has used the huge fortune Alfred left him to start out a non-profit that helps the world and the folks of Blüdhaven. As for any attainable Alfred resurrections, the trusted butler was introduced again to life as a puppet of the Devil Nezha in Batman vs. Robin, however pale away after Batman bought the possibility to say one ultimate goodbye.

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