‘Never Seen Anyone Find This’

A TikTok person believes they’ve discovered a Titanic Easter egg in Disney’s Frozen.

Chloe Hutchon (@chloehutchonn) was watching the 1997 blockbuster together with her grandma over the vacations when she observed one thing new.

Early within the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack wins two third-class tickets aboard the ship in a sport of poker. He is enjoying towards two males known as Olaf and Sven, who share their names with beloved Frozen characters Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer.

“I have NEVER seen anyone find this before & I wouldn’t of either if it wasn’t for my gran watching it when I was over,” Hutchon wrote alongside the clip, by which she stitches the Titanic poker scene with Olaf and Sven assembly for the primary time within the 2013 animation.

Fellow movie followers had been shocked by the invention, with many throwing in theories of their very own. Since being shared on December 7, 2022, Hutchon’s submit has obtained virtually 5 million views and greater than 1,200 feedback.

What Is a Movie Easter Egg?

Easter eggs are hidden jokes, secrets and techniques or references that creators sneak into their work for followers to search out. Many are added only for enjoyable, however generally Easter eggs might be a part of a franchise’s advertising plan (similar to Marvel).

However, Easter eggs aren’t simply present in motion pictures, with the time period supposedly originating from the 1973 online game Moonlander. The objective of the sport is to land your spaceship on the moon, however devoted players found that flying horizontally for lengthy durations of time leads you to a secret McDonald’s (you possibly can even order fries).

TV exhibits additionally sprinkle Easter eggs all through their collection, similar to Doctor Who, Kaleidoscope and Wednesday.

titanic leonardo dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic,’ 1997.
twentieth Century Studios

Pixar is particularly well-known for hiding Easter eggs in its motion pictures. Many early Pixar pioneers graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, and infrequently reference the classroom “Room A113” of their movies. You’ll additionally discover loads of Easter eggs in Disney flicks, in addition to their promotional supplies.

Robert Thompson, the director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture, mentioned secret messages and covert references in artwork are nothing new, and it is common for creators to make use of Easter eggs—or the extra technical time period “allusions”—to honor their inspirations.

“Literary scholars and English majors have for centuries been spending their days looking for and explaining these things,” he instructed Newsweek.

“In contemporary popular culture, the appeal of the ‘Easter egg’ is more simple and less academic: there is a lot of fun to be had in finding an obscure reference, just like there is in finding an actual egg at Easter.”

However, he doubts Hutchon’s discover is a respectable Easter egg.

“Sven’ and ‘Olaf’ are names we would have expected to encounter in both the steerage class on the Titanic and way up North in Arendelle,” he mentioned.

“So even if it was deliberate, it was a weak and not terribly interesting allusion. But it was amusing to have it pointed out…and that’s often what Easter eggs are all about.”

‘I’ve ALWAYS Noticed This’

Although Thompson is not satisfied by the potential Titanic Easter egg in Frozen, TikTok customers had been greater than able to hop onboard.

“WHAT. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH,” mentioned Alexa Michele Christian singer.

“Didn’t the parents die in a shipwreck..?” requested Stacey Leavey, referencing the demise of Elsa and Anna’s mother and father, the king and queen of the fictional kingdom Arendelle.

frozen 2
Anna, performed by Kristen Bell, and Olaf, performed by Josh Gad, share a second in “Frozen 2.”
Walt Disney Studios

“Titanic hit a North Atlantic iceberg, Elsa has ice powers, Frozen takes place in Norway,” wrote thepalmtrees, to which Hutchon replied: “THE PLOT THICKENS.”

“Tarzan is the brother of Anna and Elsa. Their parents died on the Titanic. That’s why,” theorized Andy.

“Jack and rose are the parents of elsa and anna???” questioned Chanurri.

It seems, Hutchon is not the primary to note the potential title hyperlink between the 2 movies, with Anisah Sharmin commenting: “I’ve ALWAYS noticed this.”


“I’m a diehard Titanic fan [and] when frozen first came out I thought they copied it from there as well,” wrote Ashley.

“My family has always joked about this, it’s so funny,” mentioned Brigid Buthy.

While Shelby commented: “One of the writers from Frozen was a big fan of Titanic. I think it was addressed in the BTS of Frozen 2 documentary that’s on Disney+!”

Newsweek reached out to @chloehutchonn for remark.

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