Naruto Just Suffered His Worst Betrayal Yet – And It Could Kill Boruto

Naruto and his household have been on fairly the emotional rollercoaster within the Boruto manga. They nearly misplaced Boruto after Momoshiki possessed him, however fortunately the boy survived. It’s been an uphill activity, although, with Eida and Daemon coming to Konoha, in addition to Amado revealing sinister secrets and techniques in regards to the bots’ objective.

It’s left Shikamaru scrambling to give you a plan as he does not need to anger Eida, figuring out she may assist them in opposition to Code. This is why Shikamaru needs Kawaki assist maintain issues in examine, lastly trusting him. Sadly, as Chapter 77 unfolds, Naruto’s group has been dealt one other main blow due to a nasty betrayal — from Kawaki himself.

Kawaki initially killed Boruto to cease Momoshiki taking up the teenager’s physique, which broke Naruto’s coronary heart. He at all times endorsed non-lethal strategies, so the sight of his lifeless son enormously shook him. Still, Momoshiki healed Boruto, permitting the child to retailer him in his thoughts — one thing the Hidden Leaf is looking for an answer for. Unfortunately, Kawaki does not care to attend, sensing the alien’s spirit round.

He confronts Boruto, who makes it clear he can management Momoshiki — a lot in order that they might turn into companions like Naruto did with Kurama. Kawaki storms off, nevertheless, adamant the alien will corrupt Boruto and destroy the planet. Kawaki removes his chakra signature, shrinks down utilizing Isshiki’s powers and heads to Naruto’s house, the place he confesses his intentions to finish Boruto.

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