Naruto Fans React to Sasuke Fighting a Dinosaur in Boruto

An episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations the place Sasuke fights a dinosaur leaves Naruto followers shocked, amazed, and in some instances, offended.

After the episode aired, Twitter exploded with fan reactions to it. Many poked enjoyable on the unusual situation, together with Pedro Vermelhudo (or @S1NE4T3R), who joked that the episode was “clearly” a reference to the preventing sport Tekken 2, which incorporates a reptilian fighter with blue boxing gloves. Twitter consumer @Gojira199215 reacted in the same vein, joking that Sasuke was really preventing Blue, the enduring raptor from the Jurassic World film franchise. While many posts convey lighthearted bemusement, different followers reacted extra hostilely to the episode, arguing that it’s nonsensical and solely exists so extra individuals will tune into Boruto.

Notably, the aforementioned episode doesn’t adapt a situation from the Boruto manga. It is definitely a part of a narrative arc from the sunshine novel Naruto: Sasuke’s Story – The Uchiha and The Heavenly Stardust. Written by Jun Esaka and Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto, this novel has Sasuke held as a prisoner inside an Astronomy Research Institute, house to a dinosaur guard named Menou. In Boruto Episode 282, Sasuke goes head-to-head with Menou. While many followers, together with Twitter consumer @AnimeAjay, acknowledge it is a reliable situation from the sunshine novel, the Twitter consumer @doctordangdarn, disregarded that, arguing that the principle purpose Naruto did not have dinosaurs in it was as a result of high quality management from Kishimoto.

Similar posts bely a cynical, dismissive angle in direction of Boruto that exists in a portion of the Naruto fanbase. However, many Naruto followers did get up in protection of the episode. @AnimeAjay, as an illustration, identified that the presence of a dinosaur was merely a “funny deviation” from Naruto’s customary lineup of creatures primarily based on Eastern mythology. Twitter consumer @VanshPa16647521 additionally made a meme picture poking enjoyable at the truth that some followers are keen to simply accept outlandish situations in Naruto however not Boruto, suggesting a double customary in how followers decide the 2 sequence.

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