Namor Is Destined to Murder the Human Torch, Reveals Marvel

Namor the Sub-Mariner and the unique Human Torch comprise Marvel’s oldest superhero rivalry, regardless of the 2 later changing into allies early of their careers. In Namor: Conquered Shores, nonetheless, the 2 finish their relationship because it started: as rivals.

In Namor: Conquered Shores #4, written by Christopher Cantwell, drawn by Pasqual Ferry, coloured by Matt Hollingsworth and lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna, Namor’s rage ends in the destruction of his one-time good friend. The android’s “murder” comes within the wake of a grave misunderstanding, when an underwater human settlement beneath Atlantean waters is destroyed within the Torch’s title. The Torch, nonetheless, by no means ordered any such assault.

Why Namor Killed the Original Human Torch

The sequence takes place a long time after a worldwide assault on Earth by the alien Kree. The invasion has left the world’s icecaps melted, its continents flooded, its ambiance poisoned, and most of its superheroes off-planet battling the Kree’s forces. Namor’s cousin Namorita now guidelines an Atlantis that spans the whole globe, with remoted human settlements scattered throughout the floor in addition to inside Atlantis’ borders. Namor, in the meantime, does what he can to assist what stays of human civilization.

Two heroes who’ve stayed behind, nonetheless, are Namor’s oldest allies: Steve Rogers, and the long-absent Jim Hammond, aka the unique Human Torch. While Cap does what he can to assist the people on the floor get by, Hammond opts to type his personal civilization of synthetic beings away from humanity — and considered one of his topics is Aaron Stack, aka Machine Man.

It’s a malfunctioning Machine Man who goes rogue and destroys the settlement, killing Cap within the course of and citing Hammond as being liable for the assault. An enraged — and instantly remorseful — Namor assaults and kills Hammond in flip, however when Hammond’s topics witness their chief’s homicide at Namor’s palms, they declare warfare on all of Atlantis.

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