Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun's iQIYI Live-Action Releases Sneak Peek at the Drama

Fans can catch a primary glimpse of the live-action adaptation of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun in a set of newly-released stills.

Uploaded by cdrama tweets (@/dramapotatoe), a couple of footage from the filming of the dramatic adaptation of Izumi Tsubaki’s parody rom-com manga Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun has been launched. The first image from the drama, titled The Comic Bang, options Zuo Qiandai embodying the lovable and bubbly power of Chiyo Sakura from the unique manga, from her cute outfit that includes her signature pair of crimson bows to her brilliant smile on her face as she gazes out in entrance. Sitting beside her, palms gently interlocked with an equally delicate expression on his face, is Lu Yeqi, the live-action counterpart to Umetarou Nozaki. The second photograph contains a hilarious ensemble image the place 5 of the characters have their chins propped up on each other’s heads as they spy on somebody across the nook.

Directed by Zhong Qing, The Comic Bang follows the identical synopsis as the unique supply with a couple of modifications. Lu Yeqi is a arithmetic sophomore who aspires to be knowledgeable shonen manhua artist. However, one factor results in one other and Lu Yeqi immediately finds himself working as a shojo manhua artist. It does little to discourage him, and he continues to pursue his goals. Zuo Qiandai finds herself by chance recruited onto Lu Yeqi’s manhua staff after Lu Yeqi misinterprets her love confession. As their manhua staff grows, they may inevitably encounter conflicts that trigger friction inside their staff. However, as soon as they overcome these obstacles collectively, nothing will cease them from producing a terrific manhua.

Playing Zuo Qiaodai is Shen Yue, who performed Chen Xiaoxi in A Love So Beautiful and the 2018 mainland Chinese remake of Meteor Garden, the place she portrayed Dong Shancai. Wang Jing Xuan performs shojo manhua artist Lu Yeqi. Before The Comic Bang, he debuted as a supporting character within the 2021 drama Ancient Love Poetry. Zhou Yanchen will play Yu Zichai, the live-action counterpart to Mikoto Mikoshiba, Nozaki’s assistant. Zeng Keni performs Jie Yue, the live-action counterpart of Yuzuki Seo, Wu Yuheng performs Ruo Song, the live-action counterpart of Hirotaka Wakamatsu, Wang Ruoshan will painting Lu Dao, the live-action counterpart of Yuu Kashima and Zhao Yiqin performs Gu Zhengxing, the drama counterpart to Masayuki Hori.

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