Millarworld's 2023 Crossover Event Includes 24 Different Franchises

Mark Millar’s comedian guide creations are coming collectively this yr within the crossover sequence Big Game, which is able to unite a various slate of Millarworld books from Kick-Ass to Nemesis.

“Our books over the next few months lead into a crossover, which ties together all the Millarworld franchises,” Millar advised SFX Magazine. “There are actually 24 franchises altogether if you count series like Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Hit Girl, so we’re putting them in one mega-story, which brings all of them together.”

Millarworld’s Diverse Experiments

Millar, whose Millarworld imprint was bought by Netflix in 2017, beforehand introduced in August 2022 that the crossover would function “many if not all of the Millarworld franchises” and would launch within the spring of 2023. Joining Millar on the sequence is Pepe Larraz, who’s extensively recognized for illustrating Marvel’s varied X-Men books.

“Since I started thinking about drawing American comic books, I always have wanted to work with Mark Millar,” Larraz mentioned throughout Big Game’s announcement. “Who wouldn’t? But what I could never have expected is to work on something that interlocks and pulls together so many series Mark has written. This is a huge privilege for me and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

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