MHA's Toga Vs. One Piece's Mr. 2: Who's the Better Shapeshifter Villain?

Anime villains wield every kind of scary and highly effective skills, most of all in colourful shonen like One Piece and My Hero Academia. In reality, the latter’s Quirk fight system and the previous’s Devil Fruits really feel related at instances, and lots of direct comparisons may be made. But it goes past Ace and Endeavor each utilizing hearth — every forged additionally options an skilled shapeshifter villain.

MHA‘s Himiko Toga can use her Transform Quirk to mimic different folks and their voices. Similarly, the One Piece villain Mr. 2 Bon Clay can use his Clone-Clone Fruit to imitate different folks — particularly their faces — and again it up with swan-style martial arts. All issues thought-about, although, one among these shapeshifter villains actually stands out as the very best.

Mr. 2 Bon Clay, also called Bon Kurei, was launched in One Piece as a high-ranking Baroque Works agent serving below Sir Crocodile, and was a one-man crew along with his formidable martial arts and Clone-Clone Fruit. He did not also have a feminine companion, however not like Mr. 3 along with his companion Miss Golden Week, Mr. 2 did not want any allies to fully idiot Baroque Works’ enemies along with his Devil Fruit. However, his garments do not change, so disguising himself as somebody vital — corresponding to king Nefeltari Cobra of Alabasta — means discovering spare garments to finish his disguise. He can undo any disguise when he touches his cheek with a hand.

In fight, Mr. 2 makes use of a karate fashion that he calls the Okama Way, generally translated as Oh Come My Way karate. As a high-ranking Baroque Works officer, Mr. 2 is a lethal fighter, having skilled for years to hone his karate fashion and rival any Straw Hat in battle. He usually chops at his foes along with his palms posed like swan beaks, and his kicks rival any of Sanji’s food-themed kicks as nicely. If he is actually severe, Mr. 2 can connect his swan decorations to his ft and use their steel-hard beaks like outsized bullets when he performs kicks.

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