Melissa Barrera Loses Her Mind in Tubi's Bed Rest Trailer

Modern scream queen Melissa Barrera faces a brand new sort of terror in Bed Rest, a psychological horror thriller that’s days away from its debut on the free streaming platform Tubi. Barrera, who appeared on this 12 months’s Scream film and is ready to return within the upcoming Scream 6, stars within the movie as a pregnant lady whose mattress relaxation results in her thoughts fully unraveling, having her query what’s actual and what’s not. You can get a sneak peek at Bed Rest by watching Tubi’s trailer beneath forward of the streaming premiere on Dec. 7, 2022.

The official synopsis for Bed Rest is as follows:

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After discovering success with appearing, Barrera was wanting to placed on a producer’s hat, and Bed Rest serves as an incredible challenge for her to make her debut in that function. She has defined that it was the screenplay for Bed Rest that had drawn her to the movie, making her wanting to become involved with the film from either side of the digicam.

“When I reached the end, I was crying in my trailer,” Barrera says. “Horror movies and supernatural thrillers can be very entertaining, but they rarely make me so emotional. In any project, I want something that feels like it’s pushing the boundaries of the genre. That’s how I felt about this script. Even though I’m not a mother, my love for my family is what drives me, and I can imagine the loss of someone I love casting a shadow on my life.”

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