Marvel's Queer Spider-Man's Story Continues in a Brand-New Spider-Verse Anthology

Web-Weaver, Marvel’s queer Spider-Man, will return within the writer’s upcoming Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse one-shot.

Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse is a brand new one-shot being launched in April 2023. Included within the anthology is a narrative starring Cooper Coen/Web-Weaver, the breakout queer Spider-Man from 2022’s Edge of Spider-Verse, from the character’s co-creator Steve Foxe and artist Luciano Vecchio. Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse additionally sees Cody Ziglar return to the character of Earth-138’s Hobie Brown following the 2022 Spider-Punk miniseries.

The synopsis for Marvel’s Voices: Spider-Verse #1 reads, “AN AWESOME ASSEMBLY OF MARVEL’S MIGHTIEST! An all-new selection of interdimensional adventures from some of Marvel’s freshest and finest creators, each bringing their own unique perspectives and stylings to the Web of Life and Destiny! What new spiders will find their way to the Marvel Multiverse, and what familiar faces will join them for this titanic and oversized issue?!”

Web-Weaver, the Spider-Man of Earth-71490, was first launched in 2022’s Edge of Spider-Verse #5 in a narrative, “Counterfeit Catwalk,” by Foxe, Kei Zama, Brian Reber and VC’s Joe Caramagna. The entry introduces Cooper as a designer working for a really Meryl Streep-like Janet Van Dyne. Cooper initially acquired his powers after saving his crush, Peter Parker, from being bit by a radioactive spider. He was then kicked out of his home each due to his powers and his sexuality earlier than being raised by his aunt and her spouse. “Counterfeit Catwalk” additional sees Cooper flirt with a male model of Silk earlier than he is recruited by Zarina Zahari/Spider-UK to assist save the Spider-Verse.

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