Marvel's Next X-Men Event Introduces a 'Sh-thead Star Trek' World

The upcoming Marvel Comics occasion “Sins of Sinister” will introduce a world that author Kieron Gillen known as “Shithead Star Trek.”

Starting with January’s Sins of Sinister #1, the X-Men crossover will span three separate time intervals— 10, 100 and 1000 years into the longer term—wanting on the varied methods Sinister’s rule transforms the Marvel Universe. “Each era has its own vibe,” Gillen instructed SFX Magazine. “The +10 issues are the near future Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, cyberpunk dystopia. +100 goes galactic, and I basically think of it as Shithead Star Trek! By +1000, it’s imploded into an operatic, galaxy-wide horror-scream, a grim future where there is only Sinister, lots of flavors and lots of sins.”

Gillen additionally teased the size of the occasion, evaluating it to the beloved “Age of Apocalypse,” one of many first dystopian X-Men crossovers. “Sins Of Sinister is so much bigger than “Age of Apocalypse” in its scope,” Gillen mentioned. “Rather than a planet, it takes place across the whole galaxy, by the thousandth year, as its awfulness reaches levels of grimdark impossibility.”

“I joke that it makes “Age of Apocalypse” look like the Swimsuit Special, and I’m not saying in terms of quality or anything,” Gillen beforehand famous. “What I’m actually saying is, by the end of the thousand-year bit, it’s so apocalyptically grim.”

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