Marvel Legends’ Next Build-a-Figure Is a Classic, Massive X-Men Character

Hasbro Pulse has revealed its subsequent Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure to be an iconic X-Men character, Ch’od.

Hasbro Pulse introduced on Instagram that Ch’od was getting a brand new, huge Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure. The caption reads, “#MarvelLegends fans – here’s your FIRST LOOK at the new Ch’od Build-A-Figure included in the upcoming Marvel Legends X-Men wave available for pre-order tomorrow [Jan. 10, 2023] at 1:00pm ET on #HasbroPulse! Stay tuned for more!” The determine additionally comes with a miniature model of Ch’od’s ferret-like pet, Cr’reee. ​​​

Who Is the X-Men’s Ch’od?

Created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum, Ch’od first appeared in 1977’s X-Men #104 together with Cr’reee and the remainder of the Starjammers. A galactic workforce of area pirates who initially met each other as slaves of the Shi’ar Empire, the Starjammers authentic line-up additionally included Hepzibah, Raza Longknife and the workforce’s chief, Corsair. In the years that adopted, the Starjammers accompanied each other on plenty of missions, together with becoming a member of a conflict towards the Brood and dealing with the X-Men to face towards the Shi’ar Empire. Other previous Starjammers members have included Cyclops and his brother Havok, Korvus, Polaris, Marvel Girl, Binary, Charles Xavier and others, although some have remained on the workforce longer than others.

Ch’od is not the one X-Men character who was lately introduced to be getting a brand new Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends determine. In Dec. 2022, Hasbro introduced a sequence of fan-favorite Uncanny X-Men characters could be launched in a wave of motion figures in early 2023. Included within the first of two field units are Psylocke, Banshee and Gambit, all of whom are sporting the outfits the X-Men wore when rescuing Professor Charles Xavier from the Shi’ar Empire in Uncanny X-Men #275 (by Claremont, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Tom Orzechowski, and Oliver Rosas).

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