Lookism's School Setting Does the Perfect Job of Driving Home the Show's Main Lesson

In Netflix’s anime adaptation of Lookism, protagonist Hyeung-Seok is transferred to Jaewon highschool after his bullies take their abuse too far. The incontrovertible fact that its curriculum is centered across the arts would not seem to pique his curiosity, however what he would not understand is the importance the varsity itself has on the morals of his personal story.

Hyeung-Seok enrolls within the Fashion division because of his grades, however he suits in together with his class because of the physique that he magically switches into in the course of the day — which turns him into the preferred man at school. In truth, his new look is how he is capable of survive the worst components of highschool. Hyeung-Seok learns, nonetheless, that attractiveness aren’t the whole lot, even within the arts.

Lookism‘s Jaewon High School is a prep faculty the place college students research both vogue, music, structure, cosmetology or different artistic fields of research. Hyeung-Seok would not have any ardour for the style trade specifically however learns the importance of name names and standard kinds, although this isn’t the place his expertise lies. Before the premise of his switching between his authentic physique and a more healthy physique sort, Hyeung-Seok proved to have musical expertise together with his enchanting vocals. Sadly, due to his weight and the bullying he endured, nobody apart from his mom was conscious of his singing.

By the tip of Episode 6, Hyeung-Seok sings an authentic track whereas cleansing up his classroom after hours, pondering nobody would hear him. Deok-Hwa, a scholar of the music division and an aspiring rap artist, hears Hyeung-Seok’s singing from outdoors the classroom window. While their relationship began off with problems as Deok-Hwa assumed the worst in his standard classmate, he was so enraptured by Hyeung-Seok’s singing that he forgot about conserving his guard up. He rushes into the classroom and asks Hyeung-Seok to affix him in performing on the faculty’s competition live performance.

Like Hyeung-Seok early on, Deok-Hwa can be bullied for his look; nonetheless, he channels all his ache into his music, holding onto hope for his dream of constructing skilled rap music. While Hyeung-Seok attends Jaewon High to flee his ache, Deok-Hwa makes use of the varsity as a medium to channel his darkest moments into his best songs. Certainly, Lookism‘s faculty setting did not have to emphasise the humanities — the story may have nonetheless featured the dynamic and musical skills of Hyeung-Seok and Deok-Hwa’s partnership — however this element of the varsity is emblematic of what all the story is about.

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