Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible: Episode 1's Similarities to Komi Can't Communicate

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible is a captivating new romantic comedy anime making its debut within the Winter 2023 season. Based on Nene Yukimori’s ongoing manga of the identical title, Kubo is an harmless slice-of-life story a few shy boy named Junta Shiraishi and his new greatest pal, Nagisa Kubo.

In some ways, Kubo might remind rom-com followers of the massively well-liked Komi Can’t Communicate, and Episode 1 proves it instantly. Kubo‘s first episode rapidly establishes a Komi-Tadano dynamic between Junta and Kubo, and it is promising for future episodes. The anime might have to preserve exploring its choices to discover a true storytelling hook, nonetheless.

Episode 1 of Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible rapidly establishes protagonist Junta Shiraishi as a complete wallflower — a soft-spoken and unassertive boy with some self-insert qualities to him. Clearly, Junta is supposed to be relatable to any younger male viewer who has a tricky time speaking to ladies or standing out amongst his mates, a humble underdog anybody can root for. Anime has loads of such protagonists, female and male alike, they usually want one other character’s assist to jump-start their character arcs. Timid characters like Jinta cannot do a lot to vary their lives on their very own, so when Nagisa Kubo the deredere comes alongside, Junta’s story really begins.

Junta’s downside is that he has such a weak presence, he is downright invisible, and even his petite trainer cannot see him increase his hand in school. His classmates even presume he typically skips class as a result of he is so unnoticeable, although Junta is used to it and meekly considers himself a background “mob” online game character. Kubo teases him for that, and he or she even provokes her new pal into standing out and eventually getting somebody’s consideration. Kubo has enjoyable gently teasing her new pal, daring him to drag all types of stunts and assist her reply questions in school so he can reinvent his social life, or lack thereof. It’s not but clear why Kubo of all individuals can see Junta, however she will be able to, and he or she retains a good grip on him.

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