Justice Society Artist Mikel Janín Shows Off the Team's Original Redesigns

Current Justice Society of America artist Mikel Janín shared the unique redesigns for the eponymous group.

Shared on Janín’s Twitter account, the art work sees choose members of the Justice Society — Jay Garrick/Flash, Helena Wayne/Huntress, Stargirl, Jakeem Thunder and the Thunderbolt, Yolonda Montez/Wildcat, Alan Scott/Green Lantern and Beth Chapel/Dr. Mid-Nite — standing in entrance of a principally clean background. The art work boasts some variations between these designs and the ultimate look of the characters featured in DC’s new Justice Society of America sequence, such because the Huntress’ costume being utterly purple as a substitute of purple and black and Wildcat carrying a unique costume versus the one from the quilt of The New Golden Age.

Janín and Geoff Johns Usher in a New Age for the Justice Society

Regarding the Huntress’s presence within the new title, Janín’s collaborator and veteran JSA scribe Geoff Johns defined in an interview with CBR why he picked her to be the main focus of the opening storyline. As famous by Johns, he finds the Huntress fascinating resulting from her finally “[taking] on the legacy of her father,” Batman, although she knew the Dark Knight otherwise than anybody else did.

“On page two in Justice Society of America #1, you’ll see how she’s interpreted Batman’s legacy and who she is, what her purpose is, and why she’s joined the Justice Society of America to carry that out and what that means because it’s not what you think,” he added. “It doesn’t represent what you’d think. She says it in the issue — for most people, he represents fear and vengeance, but she sees it as something different, and you see clearly why in the issue; what the legacy of Batman is, through the eyes of Helena Wayne, what it’s interpreted as, and what she’s going to do with it.”

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