Jujutsu Kaisen Shows an Intriguing Foil Between Fushiguro & Higuruma

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s characters are at the moment combating for his or her lives amid the Culling Game, and the homicidal occasion is taking its toll on its victims. Upon getting into Tokyo Colony 1, Megumi Fushiguro and Yuji Itadori have been dragged aside and immediately ambushed. Both overpowered their opponents with ease and continued to query the enemy on their goal’s location — however whereas Itadori was led to Hiromi Higuruma, Fushiguro walked straight right into a lure.

As the previous battled the protection lawyer to persuade him handy over the factors he’d amassed, Fushiguro was going head-to-head with Reggie Star and his many allies. While these two separate battles unfolded, the differing stances between Megumi and Higuruma highlighted a few of younger Fushiguro’s rising flaws.

Both characters act as attention-grabbing foils to at least one one other as Higuruma, like Fushiguro, is making an attempt to maintain increased rules of justice to make Jujutsu Kaisen‘s world a fairer place. However, they differ massively of their method to weak point. Fushiguro appears down on weak folks, primarily as a result of he does not need to be weak, but additionally as a result of he was taught to take action. Satoru Gojo has instructed the younger sorcerer that to be in full management of his life, he should attain his full potential as a sorcerer. If he does this, he’ll by no means really feel the overwhelming circumstances of his childhood once more.

Fushiguro appears down on folks like Remi who panic when confronted with demise or hazard — regardless of this being a traditional and human response. He sees her weak point and believes she ought to be punished for feeling this manner as a substitute of being higher than these feelings. Fushiguro acts like a prosecutor wanting handy out punishment and make the world higher, frightening those that transgress a boundary.

However, Higuruma’s method relies on the regulation, ensuring it really works accurately and defending those that discover themselves wrongfully convicted. As a protection lawyer, this perspective towards making the world fairer is sensible, however he additionally transfers this philosophy into his Jujutsu. Higuruma desires to see the identical weak point and ugliness Fushiguro so opposes as a result of he believes that is what makes folks human. Every character has a weak point — even the strongest sorcerer discovered himself trapped within the Prison Realm — however there’s nothing incorrect with this. To Higuruma it is acknowledged as human nature, however to Fushiguro it is an anomaly to be regarded down on.

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