Jujutsu Kaisen 209: Kenjaku Reveals the Horrifying Reason He Pushed Foreign Militaries to Invade Japan

Two days previous to the fateful showdown between Kenjaku, Yuki and Choso, Yuji’s group seen that nearly a thousand folks had immediately entered their Culling Game colony abruptly. It was revealed in a flashback that Kenjaku visited the White House within the United States with the intention of convincing the American authorities to authorize a army invasion of Japan. Kenjaku knowledgeable the Americans concerning the existence of Jujutsu sorcerers and Cursed Energy. He satisfied them that it will be helpful for each America and Japan to search out and abduct these sorcerers for analysis functions.

Chapter 209 lastly begins to indicate what occurred in the course of the aforementioned army invasion of the Culling Game. It’s price remembering that when Kenjaku spoke to Choso after these occasions, he implied that all of it went in line with plan for him. In different phrases, issues did not go effectively for everybody else, together with the non-sorcerer troopers. As it seems, Kenjaku lured the militaries from completely different nations right into a entice to advance his personal plans.

Kenjaku tells Uraume that aside from Tokyo and Sendai, every colony’s Cursed Energy stay inadequate. The armed forces from completely different nations are supposed to assist in that downside. However, he would not anticipate there to be intense preventing between the sorcerers and the troopers since lots of the sorcerers are reluctant to kill. Takaba, certainly one of Yuji and Megumi’s allies, is certainly one of such sorcerers regardless of having a strong Cursed Technique that might rival even Gojo’s. On the opposite hand, the militaries are more likely to pull out if casualties mount, and the Culling Game gamers are unlikely to pursue them, since non-sorcerers do not grant many factors.

Kenjaku did not really arrange a contest between the sorcerers and the troopers, since it is a pure regulation that non-sorcerers cannot win. It’s unclear if he really desires the troopers to reach abducting any of the sorcerers, however it’s not going that they are going to regardless. After all, his true purpose all alongside has been the mass slaughter of troopers utilizing numerous Cursed Spirits he has launched into the colonies particularly for this objective. When the troopers die, they’re going to launch a considerable amount of Cursed Energy which is able to make up for the insufficiency within the colonies and finish the customized previous the merger with Tengen.

Despite Kenjaku’s certainty that the non-sorcerers cannot win towards sorcerers, the U.S. army proves that they’re succesful. They handle to kill no less than one sorcerer as a result of it appeared unimaginable to seize him alive. The sorcerer in query is Haba, certainly one of Yuji’s first opponents when he entered the Culling Game. Soldiers additionally simply seize Remi, who triggered a variety of hassle for Megumi by tricking him, then bringing him to Reggie.

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