Inumaki's Popularity In Jujutsu Kaisen, Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Toge Inumaki is likely one of the sequence’ hottest characters. Born with cursed speech, Toge speaks solely in rice ball elements to keep away from cursing his buddies. He’s additionally one of the common anime characters of all time in keeping with a latest ballot on Goo Rankings, the place he got here in seventh place. The ballot sparked debate within the fandom about Toge’s recognition. After all, followers do not know what his backstory is like apart from a number of minor implications. Still, Toge has one thing of a cult following within the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbase and has tons of merch in his likeness.

Toge’s quiet and aloof disposition would not make him stand out a lot at first, however he shines by way of fairly a number of instances all through the sequence. He’s at all times proper there to save lots of the day when his buddies are in hassle, even when it places him in hurt’s manner. Toge particularly stood out in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, the place he began displaying extra of his persona that wasn’t fairly seen in the primary sequence till then. Gege Akutami additionally made it recognized since Volume 5 of Jujutsu Kaisen that Toge has humorousness and enjoys trolling his buddies. Even although Toge cannot talk exterior of his restricted vocabulary, he is nonetheless fairly personable, and no person actually dislikes him.

In Jujutsu Kaisen, audiences usually see Toge in motion but know little about him. However, followers know that Toge’s clan is likely one of the most vital in Jujutsu society. Though the Inumaki clan is not one of many three distinguished sorcerer households, everyone respects their inherited cursed approach, and its household sigil is kind of recognizable. At this level, Toge is the one member of the clan that followers have seen. His friends and lecturers deal with him with an excessive amount of respect as a Grade 2 sorcerer. He can go on missions by himself and even acts as one thing of a mentor to Yuta throughout their first few missions. Toge’s cursed approach could also be sturdy, nevertheless it additionally causes him extreme bodily penalties if he overuses it or blurts out highly effective instructions. He might find yourself with a benign strained voice or one thing extra extreme, comparable to shedding it completely or coughing up blood.

This additionally causes apparent social difficulties since he cannot speak amongst his friends or categorical himself as a lot as he’d like. Still, his restricted vocabulary is simple to decode. For instance, “salmon” is affirmative, whereas “bonito flakes” is unfavourable. “Kelp” is a pleasant greeting, whereas “caviar” is his model of a curse phrase. Toge’s vocabulary could also be severely restricted, however he genuinely appreciates that his buddies have made an effort to speak with and perceive him regardless of the plain barrier.

In truth, Toge is surprisingly personable and even humorous at instances. Glimpses into Toge’s persona embrace when he pets one in every of Megumi’s demon canines in the course of the Goodwill Event earlier than sending it again or when he joins in on everybody else’s prank by carrying Nobara’s skirt in the course of the Juju Stroll in Episode 10. In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, he tries high-fiving Yuta to hype him up earlier than the mission, though the latter takes it improper. Toge additionally joins in with Yuji to complain about Momo catching the ball within the sky in the course of the baseball sport. Before that, he says “bonito flakes” to specific how a lot he disagrees with leaving Yuji alone in the course of the Goodwill Event. Toge’s not a creepy determine lurking within the shadows like some folks assume him to be.

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