Ice Guy & His Cool Female Colleague Spotlights Introvert Dating Trials

Because The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague intertwines supernatural components, a slice-of-life tempo and a cute romance between two quiet coworkers, followers of workplace romance anime have a lot to sit up for with this new healthful collection. Episode 3 particularly capitalizes on the dynamic between its two major characters, showcasing what courting is actually like between two introverts.

While Himuro typically displays deredere traits inwardly and his ice powers betray his feelings, each he and Fuyutsuki characterize the kuudere archetype with their outwardly stoic presentation. With their quiet and reserved personalities, Himuro and Fuyutsuki’s shared introversion makes them fairly the match. On one hand, they will simply relate to one another’s personalities. However, their relationship dynamic additionally demonstrates the awkwardness two introverts might really feel once they begin to get to know each other.

Overjoyed that Fuyutsuki has the identical division project as him and grateful for her kindness in the course of the Okinawa work retreat, Himuro desires to take Fuyutsuki to dinner in Episode 3. While he initially tries to study her meals preferences, he lastly musters up the braveness to ask her. Though the 2 are proud of the association, their pleasure is hidden beneath their introversion. While at dinner, they barely communicate to one another. Their ideas reveal that they’re each embarrassed by their incapability to speak but in addition joyful to only be in one another’s presence.

Though some introverts are extra snug with dialog than others, the commonly quiet and shy nature of individuals with this persona sort creates a novel atmosphere for courting — particularly when each people concerned are introverted. The awkward silence between two introverts on a date would not point out incompatibility or discomfort. As kuudere characters, Himuro and Fuyutsuki are naturally quiet, and their introversion solely exacerbates their bashfulness throughout their unofficial date.

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