Ice Guy & His Cool Female Colleague Pits Himuro-kun Against the Beach

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is an workplace romance with a twist. Though Himuro-kun and Fuyutsuki-san’s quiet chemistry is sufficient to heat followers’ hearts, Himuro-kun’s ice powers lend the romantic comedy a supernatural component, giving viewers much more to stay up for as extra cute moments and hilarious antics unfold.

Himuro-kun can thank his ancestors for his ice powers; he’s a descendant of the legendary Yuki-onna, a wintry yokai from Japanese folklore. However, he cannot management his talents. Instead, they seem like linked to his emotional state, as he unintentionally summons a localized snowstorm every time he turns into excited or nervous. Himuro-kun’s supernatural background might contribute to Ice Guy‘s cute humor, however Episode 2 demonstrates the adversarial facet of his icy nature.

For somebody with ice powers, it is sensible {that a} journey to the balmy seashores of Okinawa would possibly spark extra nervousness than pleasure. While Fuyutsuki-san and her coworkers focus on the upcoming work retreat, some close by snow flurries point out to her that Himuro-kun is coping with trepidation. Instead of being nervous about Okinawa’s temperature, nevertheless, the difficulty lies in Himuro-kun’s pleasure. Just as The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague demonstrated in Episode 1, Himuro-kun is keen on many issues which might be dichotomous together with his icy nature, together with spring, flowers, cats and something cute.

A visit to the nice and cozy seashore feels like paradise to Himuro-kun however as a result of his ice powers are linked to his emotional state, he fears his pleasure would solely worsen these powers, resulting in a winter storm. While Fuyutsuki-san does assist Himuro-kun emotionally put together for the journey, the psychological difficulty it poses for him lends perception into a side of his character that he has doubtless been pressured to undertake as a result of his uncontrollable powers. Himuro-kun should apply restraint, resulting in a extra reserved nature versus the true excitability that lies beneath the floor.

Though it’s clear to viewers that Himuro-kun has already developed an enormous crush on Fuyutsuki-san, the connection between his ice powers and feelings may probably result in some hurdles as the 2 develop their healthful romance. Himuro-kun already summons small snowstorms every time he thinks about Fuyutsuki-san. He might have efficiently loved the seashore journey with out inflicting a blizzard, however as his emotions for Fuyutsuki-san develop stronger, he might want to strike a stability between controlling his ice powers and taking care to not let his restraint disguise his emotions.

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