How The Locksmith Trailer Shows You Never Leave Your Past Behind

Ryan Phillippe is again in motion. He’s a bit older, a bit stockier, and extra badass than ever within the new trailer for the 2023 film The Locksmith. It’s the story of a person with a previous who simply cannot get out of the sport and the consequences this has on the folks he loves.

Miller Graham (Ryan Phillippe) is a felony lock picker who’s on a job together with his companion Kevin (George Akram). After getting the cash, they’re about to depart when Kevin is shot by a person in a go well with. Miller is shocked and finds himself being arrested and put in jail.

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Miller is clearly proficient as we see him within the locksmith store. In entrance of him on the counter is what seems to be like a wooden stand of six deadbolt locks. There are two columns of three. He hits a button on his watch and shortly begins choosing every lock in fast succession. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE. SIX. Beep! He hits the watch once more, checking his time. He’s very quick.

But Miller appears to have unfinished enterprise he wasn’t conscious of. He’s approached by a younger lady in her twenties. He appears to know her and addresses her as April (Gabriela Quezada). She says “I’m in trouble, Miller.” It seems that she was Kevin’s girlfriend, and it seems she blames Miller for his demise. She tells him her story and the way the person she works for will not let her depart and that he hurts her. We even see bruises on her arms. “And he’s still hurting me,” April explains to Miller that after Kevin died there was no person to guard her anymore. Miller expresses regret about bringing Kevin on the job the evening he was killed. But April would not see that as a solution. She explains to Miller, “I need money to start a new life. Then you’ll have made it up to me.”

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