How Disney+'s Andor Might Have Featured A Jedi

Cassian Andor graced the display in Disney’s Rogue One, a gritty depiction of the intergalactic rise up. Rogue One was a stand-alone film that related Star Wars Episodes I-III, Clone Wars, Solo, and Bad Batch with Star Wars Episodes IV-VI. It served as a pseudo-puzzle piece that related the Clone Wars period to its later half (and defined how the rebels famously acquired the Death Star blueprints).

Andor tells the story of Cassian (Diego Luna) 5 years earlier than the occasions of Rogue One. In doing so, the collection serves as a hyperlink to Star Wars creations that don’t primarily function Jedi. Andor explores the rise up in all its glory with out Jedi/The Skywalker Saga as a central premise and even an on-screen presence.

In the books Master and Apprentice and Dooku: Jedi Lost, a aspect character bears putting similarities to Luthen Rael. The novels introduce Rael Alverross, the primary apprentice and former padawan of Dooku. In the final literary look of Alverross, he rebuffed Dooku’s provide to hitch him in his “newfound power.” Rael turned away his former grasp and the accompanying darkish aspect, and he defined his intention to return to the temple on Coruscant. He knowledgeable Dooku that he had chosen the sunshine and proceeded to finish contact, thus concluding his story to date.

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Rael voiced his intention to return to Coruscant, however the final identified location for the outcast Jedi is on the planet Pijal. This led to an total murky understanding of the place Rael ended up across the occasions of Order 66. What if Rael by no means journeyed again to Coruscant? Could Luthen have altered his title, donned a brand new id, and left the Jedi Order altogether?

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