Has the MCU Already Set up the Next Big Villain After Kang the Conqueror?

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe did a wonderful job of establishing the showdown between the Avengers and the “inevitable” Thanos. From early on, it wasTony Stark, and his then simply forming workforce, that was warned of the titan coming and his unfathomable machinations of wiping out at the least half of the inhabitants from existence. And when the time got here, the Avengers weren’t prepared.

Avengers: Infinity War noticed the workforce of superheroes, finally, lose their battle with Thanos with a fateful snap of a finger. However, 5 years after the “blip,” because it later grew to become identified, the remaining workforce members of the Avengers discovered a solution to repair what Thanos did, bringing again people who have been erased, however not with out casualties like Black Widow, who sacrificed her self for the Soul Stone, and Tony Stark himself, who entered martyrdom by snapping one other model of Thanos out of existence.

As the Infinity War got here to an finish, the aftermath grew to become a deluge of potential and prospects with the differing and varied powers unleashed by the Infinity Stones. For the characters and tales throughout the MCU, time and actuality have been now one thing that might be manipulated, and it shortly grew to become obvious that the subsequent phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be a vying for management of each between the heroes and villains.

The credence of this got here within the type of “He Who Remains” aka Kang the Conqueror in Phase Four’s Disney Plus streaming service’s Loki, the place one other model of Kang admitted to having already manipulated and “fixed” completely different timelines to ensure that the current 616 Marvel Universe, the fact because the characters understand it, to exist. In true kind, Loki and an alternate model of himself, a feminine variant, killed “He Who Remains” however not earlier than he warned them of the worst variations of himself that will come to beat and destroy every little thing that he’d constructed and the world itself.

Since then, it have to be assumed that the variants of Kang have been working behind the scenes, lurking within the shadows of the multiverse as an increasing number of characters within the MCU started to discover and tamper with time and ranging realities, i.e. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

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