Green Arrow Artist Explains How Fans Can Extend the Series Beyond Six Issues

Upcoming Green Arrow collection artist Sean Izaakse urged followers to come back out in droves to help the ebook, which is at present solely scheduled for six points however may obtain extra relying on gross sales.

Izaakse inspired followers to pre-order upcoming problems with Green Arrow if they need it to turn into an extended collection. “Sure, it’s a six-issue series,” he tweeted. “BUT pre-orders can change that. Show up for every issue and spread the word on the series. And show DC Comics how much we want more Ollie and fam!”

The Future Of Green Arrow

It shouldn’t be unprecedented for high-performing collection to obtain further points. Notably, Poison Ivy’s most up-to-date self-titled solo collection, penned by G. Willow Wilson, was given a six-issue run that was expanded to 12 in August 2022. At the time, Wilson advised CBR that she was grateful for the extension as a result of “it’s never certain in the world of monthly comics how many issues you’re going to get. No matter what you’re on, once you’ve done this a few times, you should have a two-issue exit strategy in case you’re told it’s time to wrap it up.”

Izaakse is joined by author Joshua Williamson for Green Arrow, which debuts in April as a part of DC’s yearlong Dawn of DCU publishing initiative. Izaakse’s key artwork for the ebook sees the Arrow household standing collectively for the primary time in years together with a number of fascinating inclusions, like Peacemaker and Red Canary — a brand new legacy character linked to Black Canary who emerged throughout Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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