Gargoyles Creator Breaks Down Which Characters Are ‘Fair Game’ For New Series

Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman says that any faces who appeared within the first two seasons of the fan-favorite cartoon sequence might present up within the pages of Dynamite Entertainment’s new comedian e-book.

“Every character from the two seasons of Gargoyles is fair game and could show up at any point,” Weisman stated throughout a fan Q&A organized by CBR. In response to a further query as as to if the success of the comedian might result in a brand new Gargoyles cartoon sequence, Weisman responded, “As for your second question, that’s not really up to us. But it would be nice.”

Gargoyles‘ Troubled Third Season

Weisman, who pens the brand new comedian, was closely concerned within the first two seasons of the Disney present, which launched viewers to the Scottish stone guardians and offered a world that was significantly darker than most cartoon fare of the ’90s. The sequence’ third season, subtitled The Goliath Chronicles, aired in 1996 and 1997 and confronted numerous developmental hurdles, together with viewership restrictions as a result of a brand new Saturday morning TV slot and behind-the-scenes administration adjustments after head Disney executives who had supported the present left the corporate.

Weisman and the unique group behind the primary two seasons have been changed after the primary episode of Season 3, resulting in noticeable disconnects in tone and characterization. The Goliath Chronicles‘ 13 episodes have since been deemed non-canon by Weisman, who continued the story of Seasons 1 and a couple of in SLG Publishing’s Gargoyles comedian of 2006-2008. Dynamite’s new sequence picks up the place the SLG e-book left off.

“I have tremendous sympathy for the people who did Season 3,” Weisman stated in a 2020 interview. “They had a really difficult schedule. They didn’t have time to learn the show. There were a lot of talented people who worked on that season… But for me — I wrote the first episode, but did not produce it. Someone even re-edited my script after I was gone… The characters behave out of character. There are moments here and there that are probably decent, but in the back 12 episodes, there isn’t a single one that feels right to me.”

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