Fox News Attacks DC Comics Over Pregnant Joker Story

Fox News took goal at each DC and the Clown Prince of Crime throughout a current broadcast, blasting a narrative that confirmed the Joker giving start for instance of “woke garbage.”

“No longer the Joker, now he’s the woker,” stated Fox News contributor Joe Concha on Fox & Friends First. “…Apparently he got pregnant because somebody that he is in opposition to cast a spell on him. So it’s not like the Joker became transgender, it’s because… Who knows and who cares, right? It seems like everything now has to be impacted, including comic books, which is like the ultimate escapism for children and even adults alike.”

The True Nature of Joker’s Pregnancy

Fox & Friends First hosts Todd Piro and Ashley Strohmier agreed with Concha, with Strohmier calling the very concept of the Joker changing into pregnant “disgusting.” “We’ve had comic book fans on this very show saying no one is buying this drivel, so why instead of reading the market and stopping the woke garbage…they’re doubling down on woke?” Piro stated, referencing the likes of former Superman actor Dean Cain and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys‘ Kevin Sorbo, each of whom have appeared on the community to slam comics for “new woke-ness.”

Other Fox studies echoed these considerations. An article on the Fox News web site known as the Joker story “grotesque” and included cherry-picked tweets by the likes of former GOP congressional candidate Robby Starbuck and famous Comicsgate supporter Ethan Van Sciver. A Fox News Radio broadcast with Tomi Lahren had comparable phrases, calling Joker’s being pregnant “sick” and “woke crap.”

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