First 5 Marvel Heroes To Explore The Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe launched a brand new overarching storyline when Phase Four kicked off “The Multiverse Saga.” Fans of Marvel Comics have explored the multiverse just a few totally different occasions through the years in occasions like Secret Wars and Spider-Verse. However, there are just a few Marvel heroes who have been the primary to discover the multiverse within the comics.

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5/5 The Avengers Traveled To The Squadron Supreme’s Earth

One of the very first examples of Marvel heroes touring to a different actuality within the multiverse occurred manner again in 1971’s Avengers #85 by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. The Avengers beforehand visited Arkon’s other-dimensional world however didn’t return to their correct Earth.

Instead, they arrived on an alternate Earth protected by a workforce of heroes often known as the Squadron Supreme. This was largely thought of to be the introduction of Marvel’s multiverse in addition to the Squadron Supreme, pastiches of DC’s Justice League. The Squadron Supreme would journey throughout the multiverse themselves after they have been briefly exiled within the 616 actuality.

While he is typically a Marvel chief who cannot be trusted, the Fantastic Four’s head is each a scientist and an explorer. Reed Richards is without doubt one of the Marvel universe’s smartest heroes, and he has used his inventiveness to create new methods to discover different dimensions and realities.

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