EXCLUSIVE: Mark Waid Explains Lazarus Planet’s Evil Batman

In an unique interview with CBR, author Mark Waid has revealed what precisely occurs to Batman within the cliffhanger ending of Lazarus Planet: Alpha, and the precarious place it leaves the Dark Knight in.

The Alpha subject kicks off the brand new Lazarus Planet occasion, which sees all the world going through the would possibly of a mystical Lazarus Storm following a volcanic eruption in Batman vs. Robin #4. In the prior subject, Batman placed on the Helm of Fate and fought the Devil Nezha, however he was mortally wounded, and the one accessible methodology to save lots of him was for Black Alice to siphon off the Lazarus magic inside Nezha and apply it to Batman. Talia al Ghul tells Supergirl in Lazarus Planet: Alpha that what Black Alice did intertwined Batman’s destiny with Nezha’s, and after Nezha is defeated by Supergirl and different heroes, Batman transforms and will get a glance very similar to the villain.

Batman Is Possessed by the Devil Nezha

While talking with CBR in regards to the subject, Waid defined that this is not the Lazarus magic corrupting Bruce Wayne, neither is it a results of Nezha’s thoughts management talents, however one thing else fully. “He’s no longer Batman,” the author stated. “Batman is essentially out of the picture. Nezha’s no longer in the business of remote controlling people; Nezha is now in the business of occupying Batman’s body.”

Previously in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, a title written by Waid and illustrated by Dan Mora, Nezha was in a position to thoughts management a number of heroes directly, together with somebody as highly effective as Superman. He does the identical in Batman vs. Robin, controlling Damian Wayne, the opposite Robins and Earth’s magic customers, however in line with Waid, he has now deserted that methodology, taken up actual property inside Batman and leaves the hero in critical peril. “He’s actually in Batman’s body at this point, and the real problem is going to be, ‘How do we get him out of there without killing Batman?'”

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