Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! Just Introduced Hayase's Big Sister

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro! is an enthralling and goofy rom-com anime returning for an additional season of Paisen enjoyable within the Winter 2023 season, and its forged of characters is increasing once more. Anime like Nagatoro! are inclined to have a smaller forged, so when somebody like Hayase’s large sister exhibits up, it has a huge effect.

Back in Season 1, the Senpai Naoto Hachioji visited the Nagatoro home and realized Hayase has a giant brother. He’s come over once more in Season 2, solely to satisfy one other new Nagatoro. Naoto would not know a lot about Hayase’s older sister but, however she undoubtedly likes to tease him — and he or she may not spare her youthful sibling, both. Anything can occur when household is concerned.

Naoto hasn’t but met the whole Nagatoro household — nor does he intend to — however he is already stumbling upon them one after the other. He has already seen loads of Hayase herself and is aware of how a lot of a hiyakasudere she might be, however till current episodes, Naoto did not know if Hayase was the rule or the exception in her household. To his dismay, the elder Nagatoro sister makes the identical goofy faces as Hayase and already likes to tease Naoto and not using a trace of disgrace. It took her mere seconds to zero in on him has a goal for her obnoxious, playful antics in Season 2.

Now that Naoto has met two Nagatoros, a sample is already rising. The two sisters have the same character and teasing model, although it is not but clear if the older sister has any of Hayase’s secret insecurities or hidden dandere aspect. Given how she’s older and doubtless is not wrangling with complicated romantic emotions, it is doubtless that the older sister is extra assured in herself and treats her teasing solely as a recreation. Still, all of the Nagatoros are hiyakasuderes to this point; there’s an opportunity that the brother is like this, too, and even perhaps the mom as nicely.

If so, then Naoto is in for a wild time when time visits the Nagatoro dwelling to ship Hayase’s homework to her. This is certain to be one of many wackiest households in slice-of-life anime, much more so than the Komi household in Komi Can’t Communicate or the Hori household in Horimiya.

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