Did MHA, Demon Slayer or JJK Have the Best Protagonist Intro?

Shonen anime previous and new should rapidly make a robust first impression of their first few episodes, from establishing the setting to defining the fight system to introducing the protagonist. In the 2000s, Naruto Uzumaki was launched as a troublemaker with one thing to show, Ichigo Kurosaki was a good-hearted punk who might see ghosts, and Monkey D. Luffy swore on his straw hat that he might turn out to be pirate king.

Even if there is not a brand new official “big three,” many shonen anime followers take into account Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia as an era-defining trio of pretty related motion collection. These titles additionally function lovable, courageous and thrilling heroes who all burst onto the scene of their respective first episodes — however which one did it the very best?

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s protagonist, the goofy deredere Yuji Itadori, was launched as a friendlier model of Bleach‘s lead. Like Ichigo earlier than him, Yuji was ushered onstage as a tricky, cool highschool boy with an perspective and a heroic coronary heart, even when going through supernatural monsters. Yuji loved his highschool life, however tragedy struck when his grandfather handed away within the hospital. The boy swore to uphold his grandfather’s dying phrases and do some good on the planet.

That night time noticed Yuji and his classmates face a curse of their faculty, and he had little alternative however to swallow Ryomen Sukuna’s finger and acquire the ability of curses and sorcery. Megumi Fushiguro and Satoru Gojo had been impressed, however this additionally established Yuji as a harmful rogue containing the worst enemy the sorcerers had ever confronted. Now he’s slated for execution, however Gojo will postpone that lengthy sufficient for Yuji to maintain preventing and save the world.

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